Bridging Opportunities for the Music and Multimedia Domains

Ye Wang, National University of Singapore
Jean Bresson, IRCAM
Alan Hanjalic, Delft University of Technology
Gerald Friedland, UC Berkeley
Douglas Eck, Google Inc.

Cynthia Liem, Delft University of Technology

The Multimedia and Music-IR research communities have traditionally not been very much involved with one another. In some cases, domain- or data-specific approaches may indeed be needed. In other cases, related topics and challenges may be pursued that would benefit from increased cross-domain cooperation.

In this panel discussion, experts from both the Multimedia and Music-IR communities will be featured, addressing a.o. the following questions:

  • Why are audio and music typically under-represented in Multimedia venues?
  • In which aspects can the Music-IR community benefit from expertise or ongoing work in the Multimedia community and vice versa?
  • Are there any 'grand challenges' in the respective fields that actually address issues beyond the fields themselves?

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